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Women Contribution in Agriculture

Rural women play a vital role in agricultural sector by working with full passion in all activities connected to crop production such as sowing, transplanting, weeding, harvesting as well as the post-harvest activities such as threshing, winnowing, drying, grinding and storage of the products and also participate in tasks related to livestock management. Rural women in Pakistan perform these farm duties in addition to their entire household maintenance. Females dominate men in a lot of agricultural responsibilities. In rural areas, where males have migrated in large numbers in search of work, many farms are managed by women.

Agriculture is an important factor for poverty reduction. But the sector is underachieving because women, who are an important resource in agriculture and the rural economy, face different constraints that reduce their productivity. The training of rural women is very important, especially with the adoption of modern agricultural techniques that use natural resources in a sustainable manner. Agriculture is the main alternative for rural women, and it should come with better access to land and resources for the prevention, adaptation and moderation of climate change, combined with rural women learning how to deal with changes.

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When women are empowered and able to claim their rights and access to land, leadership, opportunities and choices, agricultural productivity rises, food security is boosted and prospects are improved for current and future generations. Consequently their contribution to agricultural output is undeniable. Women make key contributions to the agricultural and rural development.


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