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Why it is so important to keep the farmers updated?

Agriculture is the root of Pakistan as more than 60 percent of the population of country is associated with agriculture. Twenty-two percent share of agriculture in national GDP. The cotton, wheat, and rice produced in Pakistan has special importance in international market and the country get foreign exchange. Nevertheless, the agricultural sector’s growth is very slow. We are producing more than other country in the world. If considered obstacles to agricultural development comes several reasons.

The majority of our farmers are illiterate and do not understand modern methods. They have not much knowledge about use of disinfectant, the proper use of fertilizers and quality seeds. This result is very little in terms of their yield per acre for need of country. They believe only traditional methods of cultivation which they learned from their elders. If Farmer using new and innovative technology can achieve better output, but is required to inform the farmers and growers.

Why does not our farmer believe the Department of Agriculture? We have the example of this year’s bumper wheat crop estimated six million tonnes more wheat production, but farmers had to sell the crop in fewer prices. Wheat crop is damage if kept for long after the harvest and government officials trying to late the farmers. Wheat shopping trolleys for days after the wheat harvest is seen outside the centers and no one buys grain from farmers and farmer have himself bargains with the private sector.

The same year, the farmers were forced to sell 800-850 Rs per monn. After all these problems, how can we expect more production from farmers?

When we will accept the fact that we cannot make our country self-sufficient in agriculture without improving agriculture and the farmers condition. In world’s most developed countries, the first reform of the agricultural system and farmer -friendly policies have been implemented to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture, because neither of industry wheel, fixed growth and development parameters of success could be obtain without agriculture.

Farmers are migrating to the cities and selling their agricultural lands. If that were the situation becomes completely paralyzed the country’s agricultural situation. Therefore, it is important to be start a projects in which farmers will beٴ informed with the latest information like Soil preparation, seed information and improved crop production technologies etc. this information must be timely provided to farmers to reduce agricultural challenges.


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