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When to harvest groundnut crop immediately?

Determining when to dig groundnut crop is highly important because maturity determines yield and quality. If harvesting is done early, large number of late formed pods will be immature and if it’s done late, either the early formed pods would get separated from the plant and remain in the soil, and moreover, over-mature peanuts can quickly lose peg strength, resulting in significant yield loss, a coal-black mesocarp, a tan-brown seed coat, and may have visible deterioration of the peg.

The proper stage for harvesting is determined by pulling out a few plants at random and examining for the maturity of pods. The maturity of pods is determined by their attaining normal size of variety, veins becoming conspicuous, the inside of the shell turning dark, the kernel reaching maximum development. If 75 to 80 percent of the pods are mature, the crop is ready to harvest. If it is harvested with the help of tractor digger, the loss of crop is minimized and the yield is also significantly increased.

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