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Weeds are a major limiting factor in strawberry production.

Strawberry is a very delicate fruit. It is packed with vitamin C and also contains valuable minerals. Weed control is one of the greatest challenge for strawberry growers. Since strawberry plants are relatively slow growing and are poor competitors, weeds quickly invade and establish itself. Strawberry fields are kept in production for several years and weed populations change within the fields, from annuals in the first year to a mixture of annuals and perennials in the following years.

Management practices can influence the growth of weeds. A good weed management program is required to control weeds over the life of the strawberry planting. A weed eradication programme one year prior to planting is recommended if perennial weeds are a problem. Herbicides, mechanical control methods, and mulching can be used effectively. Hoeing and weeding must be done, as besides eliminating weeds it also promote aeration of the soil. Pre plan harrowing of a prepared field reduces weed population.


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