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Weed Management in Chick pea

Crop yield losses due to weeds in Chickpea have been estimated to range from 30 to 50 per cent.Hand weeding at 25 and 50 days after planting has been very effective in controlling weeds.Pre emergence application of 1.5 kg a.i/ha of nitrogen or 0.5 kg a.i/ha of prometryne were effective.Pre-plant incorporation of 1 kg a.i/ha of Basaline showed good weed control.Pre emergence application of 1 kg product of either Terbutryne (80% WP) also highly promissing.No single herbicide is effective for all conditions and the choice of herbicide as well as its rate of application will very depending on the nature of weed infestation and the soil type.Generally no weeding or interculture is done to this crop in clean lands.However, weeding three to four weeks after sowing does help in reaping good yields.One more weeding be done three to four weeks later, if necessary.Nipping of top shoots appears to be a common practice with the cultivator, the nipped shoots serving as leafy vegetable.This practice increase gram yield.


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