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Vegetables must be covered during frost period.

Experts have directed farmers to completely cover the vegetables during frost period. Vegetables such as tomato, chillies, brinjal, cucumber and pumpkin must be covered with a proper cover during winters in order to protect them from frost damage. If temperatures are expected to remain near freezing for a short period of time, a simple protective covering is usually adequate. Frost occurs when temperature drops below freezing point. During frost period light irrigation must be given to prevent drought. Strong, healthy plants better tolerate frost conditions. Plus, the moisture in soil absorbs more heat during the day and releases heat slowly during the night providing additional frost protection.

Agricultural Experts said that due to low rainfall and more fog during winter, the air temperature at ground level decreases and frost occurs. Due to which crops especially vegetables suffer a lot, the tender plant parts are injured. They said that the successful and profitable cultivation of vegetable depends on proper care as vegetables are less hardy and sensitive. During winters low temperature and fog greatly affect vegetables. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken to ensure protection from adverse weather conditions.


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