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Upturn of wheat production is necessity of time, Agriculture Department of Punjab

Agriculture Department said that due to the growth in population on daily basis, an increase in wheat production is important to meet its requirement. In order to achieve higher production, the best time for cultivation is 30th November. According to the research of Agriculture Department, the crop sown after 30th November, decreases its productivity every day. Due to delay in the cultivation of wheat and the poor strategy, the production decreases by 15%. They said that in Punjab wheat, cotton, rice, maize and sugarcane are cultivated on more area therefore the cultivation of wheat is delayed. Agricultural experts have find ways through which time can be saved for cultivation of wheat, and thus delay in wheat cultivation can be avoided.

Agriculture Experts said that dry method of wheat cultivation is particularly remarkable in this aspect. While preparing field after harvesting rice, cotton, maize and sugarcane, if wheat is cultivated by drill method and then water is applied to the field. In this way both time and water can be saved. By following this method, the delay in wheat cultivation can be solved. Somehow, if wheat cultivation is delayed due to certain reasons, then for the irrigated areas late varieties must be cultivated. These varieties must be grown during the first week of December.


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