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Protect Mango Orchards from Frost Damage in winters

Pakistan ranks fourth in the world for the production of the king of fruits (Mango). MANGO tree can best grow in subtropical and tropical climates and is one of the most cold sensitive fruit plant. Temperature below 30 degree Fahrenheit results in serious damage to the leaves and twigs .As lower temperatures can cause more damage to the mango tree ...

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Women Contribution in Agriculture

Rural women play a vital role in agricultural sector by working with full passion in all activities connected to crop production such as sowing, transplanting, weeding, harvesting as well as the post-harvest activities such as threshing, winnowing, drying, grinding and storage of the products and also participate in tasks related to livestock management. Rural women in Pakistan perform these farm ...

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E- Agriculture and role of Jazz BaKhabar Kissan

Bakhaber Kissan

Farming has become more efficient with technologies and communication systems. In E agriculture Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is offering free services to the farmers and has successfully reached more than 1.5 million farmers base. It is a supreme opportunity to give rural smallholders access to information that can change their livelihoods. It helps farmers to improve agricultural productivity by giving them ...

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