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Sugarcane must be timely harvested, Agriculture Department Punjab

Sugarcane is one of the important cash crops grown in Pakistan and it is very important crop for the farmers to increase their economy. For the production of sugar and related products our country depends on this crop. Currently 83 sugar mills are working to produce sugar, out of which 44 are located in Punjab. The total capacity of these mills is approximately 3 lac 50 thousand tonnes. Agriculture Department of Punjab has instructed farmers to timely harvest the crop, when the crop is at appropriate level of harvesting stage. The main purpose of timely harvesting is to obtain maximum sugar content. Obtaining higher production from sugarcane depends on timely harvesting and crushing of the crop. Due to early harvesting, not only low weigh crop can be obtained but the quantity of sugar content also reduces.

Likewise, delay in harvesting also results in less production. The farmers should first harvest September crop of sugarcane and then the spring crop must be harvested. First the early crop must be harvested followed by middle crop and late crop of sugarcane. Early mature crop gives more production in crushing. The late crop of sugarcane becomes ready to harvest during January. So late crop of sugarcane must be harvested from the end of January to the first week of February. For obtaining higher income from this crop, it must be cut at ground level and the roots should be thoroughly cleaned. According to the sources of agriculture department after harvesting the crop, it should be provided to sugar mills within 24 hours, in order to save the sugar content.


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