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Sugarcane Fertilizers Application

Sugarcane is an exhaustive crop like wheat, rice, maize etc, that uptake huge amount of nutrients. It requires macro as well as micro nutrients. Fertilizers are use in Pakistan is imbalanced, inadequate and improper. Most of the cane growers in the country use only nitrogenous fertilizers while others use an imbalanced combination of N and P. Use of K is almost neglected in cane crop. It is very important to use proper doses of balanced fertilizers to exploit the maximum yield potential of cane crop. All phosphorus and potash should be applied at the time of planting. It is preferable that P and K may be applied in furrows where seed sets are to be placed. Rest of the nitrogenous fertilizer may be applied in 4 – 5 equal splits by fertigation system, during April, May and by mid June to February-March planted crop. In September – October cultivated crop, it will be beneficial if N is applied in 5 – 6 equal splits. In this case it may be applied during December, February, March, April, May and June. September planted crop may be given an additional dose of 20 to 40 kg N (one to two bags of urea) per acre.


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