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Soybean Production Technology


Soybean called as golden beans is belongs to legume family. It is native of East Asia. It is a rich source of Protein also excellent source of fibre. Oil extracted from soybean contain small amount of saturated fat. In Punjab, it plays an important role in crop diversification.


Temperature : 18-38°C Rainfall :30-60cm Sowing Temperature :25-38°C Harvesting Temperature :18-25°C


It gives good result, when grown on well drained, fertile loamy soils. pH of 6 to 7.5 is favourable for optimum yield of soybean. Water logged, saline/alkaline soils are not suitable for its cultivation. Low temperature affect crop severely.


SL 525, SL 958, SL 744


Prepared field by giving two to three ploughings followed by planking.

Time of sowing

First fortnight of June is best time for sowing Soybean.


While sowing use row to row spacing of 45 cm and plant to plant spacing of 4-7 cm.

Sowing Depth

Sow seeds at depth of 2.5-5 cm.

Method of sowing

Sow seeds with help of seed drill

Seed Rate

Use seed rate of 25-30 kg for sowing in one acre land.

Seed Treatment

To protect seeds from soil borne diseases, treat seeds with Thiram or Captan@3 gm per kg of seeds.


Apply FYM or well decomposed cowdung@4 ton/acre. Also apply Nitrogen@12.5 kg and Phosphorus@32 kg in form of Urea@28kg and SSP@200 kg per acre at time of sowing.

To obtain good growth and optimum yield, take spray of Urea@3 kg/150 ltr of water on 60th and 75th day after sowing.


To keep field weed free, two hoeing are required, give first hoeing 20 days after sowing and second hoeing 40 days after sowing. To control weed chemically, after sowing, within two days, take spray of Pendimethalin@800 ml/acre in 100-200 ltrs of water.


Overall crop required three to four irrigation. Irrigation at time of pod filling stage is necessary. Water stress at this period will affect yield drastically. Apply irrigation depending upon rainfall conditions. No irrigation required in good rainfall conditions.


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