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Significance of Weather Forecasting for Crops Yield

Among the various factors on which farming depends on weather is certainly the most important factor determining the success or the failure of agricultural commodities. It has greater influence on soil and every phase of plant and animal growth and development. There is an important relationship between weather and farming. In fact, farming depends on the weather. In order to reduce risks of losses in agriculture production weather should be taken into account as one of the major inputs in agricultural planning. That is why forecast of weather parameters play a vital role in agricultural production. It also helps to minimize crop losses to a considerable extent.

Previously when there was no technology available farmers based their prediction on many natural, cultural and social phenomena. Because of global warming and changing weather patterns, the farmers can no longer depend on the traditional times of planting and harvesting. The people most affected by the weather are the farmers and considering its importance Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is offering tremendous services to the farmers about weather information through SMS (Short Message Service). The farmers are now able to reduce crop losses due to timely and accurate weather forecasts. It helps them to determine when crops are planted, harvested, watered, protected, fertilized or any other precautionary needed to be done. The success or failure of a farmer’s crop depends on the weather condition. Such weather forecast also provides guidelines for seasonal planting and selection of crops best suited to their climatic regions. It plays an important role in farm operations and planning of agricultural activities.

Weather patterns differ from region to region, so it is important that each region be assigned a weather forecaster. Considering its importance Bakhabar Kissan Service is sending weather information to the farmers in accordance with their particular districts. Mobile App of Bakhabar Kissan is also providing weather information of pinned location and Dynamic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is also providing district wise weather information for un-educated farmer. All these services conclude to best of farmer and ultimately for better economy of the country. Farmers use such information in crop management decisions and it benefit them a lot.

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