Sheep and goats

Livestock contribution to agriculture value added stood at 55.9 percent while it contributes 11.8 percent to the national GDP during 2013-14 compared to 55.5 percent and 11.9 percent during the corresponding period last year, respectively.

Gross value addition of livestock has increased from Rs. 756.3 billion (2012-13) to Rs. 776.5 billion (2013-14), showing an increase of 2.7 percent as compared to last year. The livestock population for the last three years is given below

About 58% of total goat population can be found in Asia and Pacific. Asia and Pacific goat population also contribute about 62% skin, 49% milk and 62% meat of total goat meat, milk and skin production. Goat farming in Pakistan is also playing a significant role in the economy of this country by producing about 275 thousand tons mutton, 21.4 thousand tons hair, 25 million skins and about 851 thousand tons milk annually. And this production contribute about 2.5% of total national income of Pakistan. The production rate is increasing day by day (see the chart below). This huge production is coming from millions of poor, marginal or landless people and some other commercial producers. The goat products, produced in Pakistan are of high quality and has a great demand in the international market.



Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Jhang, Okara, Jhelum, Gujranwala, Gujrat and Sialkot.
Massive head, Roman nose, long, broad & pendulous ears, spiraled horns
Type Milk & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 1.8-2.7


Bhawalpur, Multan, Sahiwal. Roman nose, small & thin horns, medium ears, dancing gait.
Type Hair & Meat, Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.6-0.9

Dera din Panah

Muzaffargarh, Leiah and Multan
Roman nose, hair on the chin, long broad ears, cartilaginous appendages on sides of neck, long and thick spiraled horns.
Type Milk, Hair & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 1.3-2.2


Gujrat, Jhelum, Sargodha and Rawalpindi.
Small size, Compact body, small droopy ears, slightly prominent nose, horns may spirals, high prolificacy
Type Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.6


Kaghan Valley (Abbotabad, Mansehra,Kohistan and Swat)
Large size with a white, gray, brown or black body coat. Kaghani goats yield a good crop of long hair.
Type Hair & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.4-0.7


Dera Ismail Khan and Peshawar.
Long black hair coat and well developed udders
Type Milk Hair & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 1.1-1.4


Habitat: Kaghan Valley,
Coat color is mostly white, but also black and brown, horns, directed upward and backward and occasionally twisted.
Type Milk , Hair & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.4-0.7


Habitat :
Loralai in Balochistan and D.G. Khan in Punjab.
Head small, ears erect, horns thin, white or brown hair streaks run from base of horns to muzzle. Type Milk, Hair & Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.9-1.3


Potohar area in Punjab and Poonch
Head & ears of medium size, hairy growth on chin, horns spiralled.
Type Meat
Milk Yield (Lit/day) 0.73

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