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Red Bean Production Technology


Red beans are moderately easy to grow, but you do need to make sure that the roots do not get waterlogged or otherwise damaged at any point during the season. Like many other bean varieties, Red beans can be grown as bushes or as vines, so you will need to choose a type that works best according to the space you have.

Land preparation

Use seeds instead of seedlings

Most Red bean plants do not survive the transplanting process, so you should plan on directly sowing the seeds instead of getting starter plants.

Choose a suitable location

Two to three ploughs are required Red beans need full sun in order to thrive, so you should plan on growing them in a spot that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day, if not more. If possible, find a spot with soil that is naturally somewhat loose. Loose soil drains water more effectively, and this is crucial if you want to grow a healthy Red bean plant. If you notice that the water settles or pools in a given area when it rains, you should consider choosing another location. Practice crop rotation from year to year. Do not plant Red beans in soil where other legumes have grown within the past three years.

Amend the soil

The soil needs to be fairly light and loose so that water can drain. If your soil is too heavy, you will need to amend it with enough organic material to even it out. The pH of the soil also needs to be near neutral. Good soil amendments include manure and compost. Either option will help loosen the overall density of the soil while also providing plenty of nutrition for the plant as it starts out.

Amend the soil by mixing these extra components in with a trowel or small rake a few weeks before you plan to plant.

The pH of the soil should be between 6.0 and 7.0. Consider mixing powdered inoculants into the soil, as well. This is a type of natural, healthy bacterium that makes it easier for beans to absorb nitrogen during the earliest and most crucial stages of growth.

Install a trellis, if necessary.

While many popular Red bean varieties are bush beans, there are a few pole bean varieties. Pole beans grow vertically, so you will need to fix a stake or trellis to the growing location if you want these varieties to produce their maximum yield.


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