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Quail farming, A profitable business

In Pakistan, the human population is facing protein deficiency that is 11 gram/person on daily basis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the daily protein requirement is 26 gram/ person but the human population in Pakistan is consuming less than half of daily protein. The quail meat is the best and favorite human food in terms of nutrition. Quail meat is low in fat and calories. Its meat and eggs have a large number of vitamins which are very necessary for human mental and physical health. Adding quail meat and eggs to the human diet is useful for children, pregnant women, and also for old age people. Eleven flocks can be reared in one year. Disease resistance in quail is greater than that of poultry birds.
There are different breeds of quail which can be used for farming.
1. Golden 2. Shaamli 3. White bob 4.Desi 5. Pahaari 6. Coturnix
Egg-laying age: 8 weeks
Egg production: 280 eggs/ annum
A handsome profit can be earned through modern Quail farming techniques.
Written by:
Dr. Sami Tahir Quershi
Dr. Bilal javid





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