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Public looks determined to shrink fruit prices

Publics anxiously playing their part in marking down the recent price hike during the month of Ramadan. On the social media there is a country wide campaign asking not to buy any fruit for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fruit prices went mad when holy month of Ramadan commenced. From the first Ramadan till the third fruit prices reach imprudently highest level. As per commissioner’s office banana prices jacked up by Rs.36 in these three days. Furthermore, watermelon goes up from Rs.33 to Rs.44/kg, musk melon from Rs.55 to Rs.78/kg, mango (Sindhri) from Rs.100 to Rs.123/kg. In the same vein Apple has been observed at Rs.150 from Rs.130/kg, plum showed its maximum blow of Rs.250 from Rs.200/kg before Ramadan. All these price analyses were as per commissioner’s office list but actual market added an extra mile in this story. As per market actual prices at which people are bound to buy these gems banana being sold at Rs.180 from Rs.150/dozen, watermelon from Rs.45 to Rs.50/kg, musk melon from Rs.80 to Rs.100/kg and plum goes at Rs. 300/kg.


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