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Pomegranate plants should be protected from harmful insects

Agriculture experts have advised pomegranate cultivators to protect their plants from insects. In summer, different kind of insects attack the plant which includes scales, white fly and fruit fly etc. scales and white fly weekens the leaves by secreting special kind of secretion from their body which is responsible for smut due to which the process of photosynthesis is affected.  In case of the attack of these insects carbosulfon 20 EC about 2.5 ml per ltr water should be sprayed. Fruit fly makes holes and enter inside the fruit and damage the fruit from inside. Bacteria and fungal attack occurs on these holes and the fruit rots. Affected fruits should be removed from the tree. Insecticides including lemda-si-helothrine or tri clofon of about 2.5ml per ltr should be sprayed.


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