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Pica, A compulsive eating disorder

This is a peculiar condition in which the animals start eating objects that they normally do not eat. It is mostly observed in cattle and buffaloes. Affected animals have the tendency to lick and to bite almost anything with which they come into contact. They seem particularly prone to lick soil, bones, soiled litter, and even excreta. Some affected animals lick the walls and floors of the barn. Deficiency of sodium salts or phosphates in the feed is the main cause of Pica . If untreated, the animal may die from malnutrition and exhaustion. For the purpose of treatment, change of complete feed is often necessary. To keep the problem away, the farmers should be advised to supplement the ration with a balanced mineral-vitamin mixture on regular basis.

Written By (Dr. Sami Tahir Quershi & Dr. Bilal Javid )


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