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People should take benefits from Kitchen Gardening Programme, Agriculture Experts

Kitchen gardening contributes to household food security by providing direct access to food that can be harvested, prepared and fed to the family members, often on a daily basis. Agriculture Experts said that to ensure the provision of fresh and quality vegetables free from pesticides, kitchen gardening is necessary. They said people should take advantage from the kitchen gardening programme. Kitchen gardening in addition to save cost, also promote healthy life. They said during last two years 5 lakh and 30 thousand vegetable seeds packets were distributed. While during current season one lac and ten thousand seed packets were provided.

They said seed packets are available in 325 sale points in overall Districts including Faisalabad Division at the rate of Rs 50 per 116 g packet. This one 116 g packet is enough for 5 Marla. Daily use of vegetables is very important for maintaining healthy life. The use of vegetables in human food should be 300 to 350 g on daily basis, whereas we add only 100 to 150 g vegetables on daily basis, which is less than half of the recommended quantity. Due to which the problems related to health are increasing in our area. Experts highlighted the importance of kitchen gardening and said that due to this healthy exercise, fresh and quality vegetables can be available in every home which will be not only free from the side effects of pesticides but it will also reduce the expense.


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