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Organic Rice


The soil medium loamy and clay which has water retention capacity for long time.


The seed of last year organic crop should be used and seed rate should be traditional farming, and do not apply seed with any insecticide or pesticide before cultivation


The crops dietary needs can be fulfilled with the green manure. The Guar and Jantar crops can be used as green manure crops. These crops should be cultivated after wheat harvesting.

Weeds eradication:

For weeds control maintain the water surface at least 3 inches after nursery transfer in the fields. Remove the weeds by hands when they are grown.

Defense against insects and pests:

On the rice, for insects’ pests control use the trichograma cards. Tag the cards in the fields after 30 days of nursery transfer. In an acre use 40 cards. Use these cards after seven days during crop cultivation.


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