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Organic Maize

For organic Maize keep the same land, seed rate and plants distance as recommended for inorganic Maize cultivation

Soil preparation:

As compared to the traditional maize cultivation it is necessary to plough 3-4 times for organic maize cultivation so that the previous crops residue, farm yard manure and green manure should easily be mixed. In this process the soil fertility depends upon organic fertilizer. In the first 5 years of organic cultivation, continue fertilizing with farmyard manure in the ratio of 8 trolley per acre per year. After that reduce this amount to half. After wheat harvesting cultivate green manure (Jantar, Guar and Dhancha). When this crop become 40-45 days old mix these crop in the Maize soil before 6-7 days.

Weed eradication:

Because the farmyard manure is applied in large quantity therefore it also results in larger number of weeds production. Therefore, be more attentive to remove these weeds. At least 2-3 hoeing are must.

Defense against the insect pests:

To control Maize Borer, apply Trichograma cards. Stick Trichograma cards at 40 places between the Maize lower leaves. label these cards until the crop becomes 10-16 days old.


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