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Moderate climate is required for spinach cultivation, Agricultural Experts.

Spinach is one of the most important vegetable and contains many beneficial nutrients. For proper growth and development it requires moderate climate. It is a winter season vegetable and is capable of tolerating a temperature range of 30 to 35◦C. In the irrigated areas of Punjab, the crop sown during July-August gives 7 cuttings. While the crop sown from 15th November to December gives one cutting. Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to use 15-20 kg seed per acre. In order to obtain higher production it should be cultivated via drill method. Fertile soil with good drainage is most suitable for its cultivation. However, to some extent, it can also tolerate saline soils.

One month before cultivation, land should be made smooth and farmyard manure must be given at the rate of 12-15 tonnes per acre. Planking must be done and water should be applied. In order to supress the weeds growth, after the moisture condition 2 ploughings are made followed by levelling. In this way the weeds are supressed and farmyard manure is further decomposed. For the cultivation of spinach land must be properly prepared and it must allow proper drainage.


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