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Management practices in Tunnel Farming

  • The vegetables grown under tunnels must be irrigated and fertilized timely. If possible drip irrigation must be used.
  • After spraying and fertilizing, the openings of the tunnel must not be closed in order to prevent the accumulation of harmful gas inside the tunnel.
  • To avoid moisture development inside the tunnel, both the openings of tunnel must be kept open from morning 9 am till 4pm. If possible exhaust fans should be used to promote air circulation.
  • If possible exhaust fans should be used to promote air circulation and to maintain the temperature inside the tunnel.
  • Optimum temperature range of 15-30◦C must be maintained inside the tunnel.
  • Vining vegetables must be pollinated manually as they consist of male and female parts separately. This process should be continue till the removal of plastic covering from the tunnel. As after the removal of plastic cover, pollination is carried out by bees.
  • Care must be taken to timely carry on the activities such as hoeing, weeding and pruning. 

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