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Linseed is a cool season crop and requires moderate to cool temperature.

Basically, linseed is a cool season or winter crop. This crop is sensitive to frost conditions. However, it does adapt itself to different climatic conditions. The temperature required during the vegetative growth period should be moderate or cool. High temperatures above 33°C during the flowering stage reduces the seed yield, oil content and also the quality of the oil. An ideal temperature range of 20-25°C is desired for better yield and quality of the seed. This crop is well suited to tracts of low rainfall and is generally raised where the average annual rainfall ranges from 50 to 80 cm. Experts have instructed farmers to timely cultivate linseed. It should be cultivated till 15th November. The best soil for linseed cultivation is well-drained loamy to clay soils rich in organic matter. For obtaining higher production farmers are instructed to cultivate a variety named Chandni. For its cultivation 2-3 ploughing are required and 2-3 levelling are enough in order to have a smooth finish. Flaxseed is usually sown by broadcast or drilled method. Drill method is preferred for higher production. In rain fed areas 6 kg seed per acre should be used while in irrigated areas 8 kg per acre seed should be used in order to obtain a bumper crop.


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