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Pest and their control


If incidence of sucking pest like aphid is observed to control take spray of Imidacloprid 17.8SL@60 ml/acre using 150 ltr water

Disease and their control

Downy Mildew and Mosaic

Use resistant variety for control of downy mildew. Mosaic is seed borne disease so as a preventive measure use disease free seeds for cultivation of lettuce.


Loose leaf type variety is harvested when they are fully developed or reached to marketable size. Tender leaves are cut regularly with interval of one week. At the end of March or at beginning of April stop harvesting of leaves as plant attain milky stage. For seed purpose complete harvesting in May month. It gives average seed yield of 50 kg/acre.

For head type variety, carry out harvesting when heads are fully developed. Harvesting can be done by hand or by cutting of plant just above soil surface.

Carry out harvesting early in morning. It will keep leaves fresh.


After harvesting, do sorting and grading of leaves according head size, leaves size etc. After then lettuce is packed in crates or cartons. Lettuce can be stored for three weeks at temperature of 4 to 5°C at 95% relative humidity.


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