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Leaf Spot Disease

Pathogen-caused leaf spot diseases, particularly those of fruit trees and such vegetables are of two types, those caused by bacteria and those caused by fungus. Leaf spotting of either kind is generally similar in appearance and effect. Prevention and treatment of both kinds often involve the same practices. Infected plants have brown or black water-soaked spots on the foliage, sometimes with a yellow, usually uniform in size. Leaf spots are more active when there is plenty of moisture and warm temperatures. When selecting fruit trees, choose resistant varieties if possible. There is no cure for plants infected with bacterial leaf spot. Preventive, organic measures include: Spraying with a baking soda solution, or neem oil. Apply sulfur sprays or copper-based fungicides weekly at the first sign of disease to prevent its spread. These organic fungicides will not kill leaf spot, but prevent the spores from germinating.
Uzma Niazi (Agronomist)





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