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Leaf Cutter Bees.

The Leafcutter bees are seen as pests by some gardeners, as they can make a mess of the foliage on a shrubby making their half-moon shaped cut out of the leaves. They do not eat the foliage as pests such as caterpillars and grasshoppers will. The Leafcutter bees use the foliage they cut out to make nest cells for their young ones. Leafcutter bees are not social, like the honeybees or wasps. They are not an aggressive bee and do not sting. Keep in mind that these little bees are beneficial and essential pollinators. Insecticides are not usually all that effective to prevent them from making their cuts to the foliage of shrubs they choose as they do not actually eat the material. The less we as gardeners do to limit their numbers, the better.

Uzma Niazi (Agronomist)




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