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Land should be well prepared for transplanting onion.

Agriculture experts have directed farmers to prepare land properly before transplanting onion seedlings. Preparing soil before planting will greatly improve plant’s performance and promote healthy and vigorous growth. Land should be ploughed first to turn the soil over, then 2 times cultivator should be used to smooth the soil. After that 20kg Urea should be applied and water should be given. Farmers should apply 2 bag DAP and one bag Urea per acre before transplanting. Onions are usually transplanted in the field at 10 cm plant-to-plant spacing and 25 cm apart in rows. Space the plants 10 cm apart in the row to produce large-sized bulbs (closer spacing significantly decreases bulb size). Seedlings should be planted on each side of ridges and then water should be given. Three times Irrigation should be done at an interval of 7-8 days. They should be kept free from weeds by shallow cultivation and hoeing.


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