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Land preparation for the Cultivation of Radish

Thorough seedbed preparation is essential to insure uniform depth of planting. A fine, well-prepared seedbed is important for growing radish. Application of farm yard manure approximately six weeks before sowing of crop helps build up the water-holding capacity of the soil and balance the nutrient supply. The land should be leveled followed by two to three deep plugging and 20-30 cartloads of well-rotten farm yard manure per acre mixed in soil followed by watering.Ridges should be made followed by two plugging. Before ridge making one bag of DAP, half bag of urea and one to two bags of sulphate of potash (SOP) per acre should be added so that fertilizer may get mixed in the soil. Ridges should be made at a distance of two to two and half feet apart with a height of about one to one and half feet. Two bags of urea should be given in three in three split doses i.e. at first, second and third weeding respectively.


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