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Is Honey Bee Farming Profitable?

Beekeeping is a profitable trade and involves simple management techniques as mostly bees usually look after themselves, with little need for tendering. It does not involve any land ownership; hives can be placed at suitable places. It is not intrusive as bees work along the natural patterns of local climatic conditions and provides positive impacts to the fauna and flora found within. It helps in generation of employment, income and economic security in rural areas. Honey bees are excellent pollinating agents and thereby maintain the ecosystem. It provides honey, a valuable energetic and nutritional food.

Honey acts as a laxative and prevents cold, cough and fever. Provides beeswax and other products such as propolis, pollen and royal jelly. These products have many uses, and can be used to generate income. Few resources are needed, it is feasible even for people with minimal resources. Equipment and tools can be made locally. Bees collect nectar and pollen wherever they can find it, so wild, cultivated and wasteland areas all can be used for beekeeping. Nectar and pollen are not used by other livestock: only bees harvest these resources, so there is no competition. Without bees these valuable resources could not be harvested.

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