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Irrigation schedule for Cotton

Fields should be irrigated according to the soil fertility, method of sowing, stage of crop and water requirements of the crop. The signs of water deficiency are first visible on the upper bank of the field, which include bluish appearance of leaves, the internode distance decreases in the upper branches of the main stem, white flowers at the top, reddening of the upper part of stem and roughness of leaves at the top. The field should be irrigated before these signs are visible to avoid loss in  production. In case of row cropping, first irrigation is given after 30-35 days of sowing and latter after a gap of 10-12 days. And in case cotton-wheat cropping system, last irrigation should be given till 10 October.In case of furrow beds, first irrigation is at 2-4 days of seed sowing, second after 6-9 days and subsequent irrigation should be given at 15 days interval.Irrigation scheduling should can be changed according to the prevailing weather conditions.


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