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Irrigation Management in Sugarcane

Sugarcane should not be drain out of water, as it is severely affected due to water shortage during the months of June and July because of severe weather conditions. If the sugarcane crop is irrigated according to the severity of the season and crop need, the yield per acre of sugarcane increases significantly. A good sugarcane crop throughout the year requires about 1600 to 1800 milliliters (64 to 72 inches) of water per acre. Apart from rain, 15 to 18 times irrigation has to be done as Sugarcane is one of the most water demanding crops and water availability is the main factor affecting its growth.
Depending on the severity of the weather, the irrigation interval should be 14-12 days in April, 8 to 10 days in May-June, 12 to 15 days in July-August, 15 to 20 days in September, 15 to 20 days in October and 25 to 30 days in November-February. The use of fertilizer for the crop will also be effective only when the crop is irrigated at the right time.


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