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Inter cropping of mung bean and spring crop of sugarcane

Mung bean crop matures within just 75 to 80 days, while sugarcane is a whole-year crop. During the initial 60 days of spring cultivated sugarcane crop, the growth is minimum, so mung bean can be cultivated along with it. Inter-cropping would not only help improve the mung-bean production, but it would also rehabilitate the soil as it is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen through rhizobium species living in its root nodules and intercropping also give the farmers an extra crop. Per acre 6 to 8 kg mung-bean seed should be used to get adequate number of plants per acre.

Before sowing inoculating mung bean increases the plant’s ability to obtain nitrogen from the air and thus it improves overall yield. Intercropping of mung bean in spring sugarcane can be easily done in rows at a space of 4ft. After first irrigation of sugarcane, using rotavator and making specific changes to it, prepare upper layer of bed into smooth finish and remove the blades of rotavator while using it along the rows of sugarcane so that damage to the plants doesn’t occur. Plant two rows of mung bean on the upper surface of the bed and one row of mung bean at 2.5ft cultivated sugarcane crop with the help of simple plow or single row drill.

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