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Instructions for harvesting maize and post-harvest care

Harvesting of maize should be done when the maize crop is properly ripened. Do not harvest the crop before maturity because the grains dry up which results in loss of weight that also affects its growth. Do not delay harvesting after the crop is ripened as the plants start falling off and if it rains then the grains get moldy which leads to lower prices in the market. The sign of ripening of maize includes drying of the inner husk of the corns, the tips of the grains turn black and after removing the outer husk if the nails do not insert easily into the grains, then the crop is ready.

After harvesting removes outer covers from the corn and spread them on pre-made trays. When the grains start to come off automatically by hitting the corn and the grains break with the sound by pressing it with teeth, then corn is dry.


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