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Increased Prices of Mutton and beef before Eid-ul-fiter

After fruit vendors and vegetable seller sold everything with their own desired prices in the month of Ramadan, now meat mafia has also challenged government rit and increased the prices of mutton and beef few days before Eid ul fiter ; due to which it is difficult for the average and the poor people to buy meat.

Despite the three-day campaign against the futurists, the fruit prices have not been reduced, while vegetable sellers have also increased prices of tomatoes, potatoes, green pepper and green onions.

Similarly, in many places price of yogurt has increased from Rs. 10 to 20 rupees per kg, however the price of milk is maintained at Rs 85 per liter.

The price of boneless meat in the city is increased from 500 rupees to Rs 540 per kg and bone meat increased from Rs 400 to 450 rupees per kg.

Similarly, meat mafia has increased the price of mutton from RS 750 to Rs 800 per kg.


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