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Household poultry and role of rural woman

Household poultry is a good source of meat and egg production. Egg and meat of poultry fulfill the need for protein in humans. Household poultry plays an important role to overcome the food scarcity in the village. Rural women are directly involved in household poultry as these chickens are kept within the house. Rural women take care of their well-being, feed and health. Rural women keep them with great interest and also unique names are given to these birds. As the literacy rate in rural areas is low, so these women are not able to use modern techniques. The Government initiates many projects to improve household poultry production as this is the need of time. The main purpose of these projects is to provide training to rural women about household poultry, also provision of small poultry units, medication and production of poultry feed in the house. Rural women can make their lives better by promoting household poultry.
Written by:
Dr. Sami Tahir Qureshi
Dr. Bilal Javid




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