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Growers should start cultivation of potato, Agriculture Experts

Farmers should begin potato cultivation from October. For obtaining better production varieties such as Desiree, Cardinal, Diamant, Faisalabad white, Faisalabad red and SH-5 should be cultivated. Agriculture Department Spokesperson said that the best time for potato cultivation is from 1st to 20th October. Potato being a tuber crop, requires a soft, friable and deep seed bed for the development of uniform large smooth tubers. To provide this, potato is planted on raised seedbeds, prepared with the help of potato ridger after a thorough and deep cultivation of soil, liberally fertilized with Farm Yard Manure, compost or other organic manures including the green manures. Field is given a soaking irrigation nearly two weeks before sowing to provide seed tubers with ample moisture for germination. Good water penetration and aeration is must for proper growth and tuber formation. Excessive tillage and land preparation causes compaction and should be avoided. For the cultivation, potato seed should be removed from cold storage at least 10 days before sowing so that the dormant stage is terminated. For one acre land 12-15 kg tubers should be used. To obtain better production disease resistant varieties should be selected.


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