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Growers are instructed to complete sowing of Gladiolus in November

Agriculture Experts have instructed farmers to complete sowing of gladiolus in the month of December. Gladiolus is one of the most beautiful flowers grown worldwide. It is a perennial and best known for its tall flower spikes. They are available in a wide range of colors such as white, reddish pink, orange and yellow. For its cultivation fertile loamy soil must be selected. Before cultivation farmyard manure should be applied and field should be properly prepared. For maintaining the fertility of soil NPK should be also applied at the time of sowing. Cultivation can be done via seeds or bulbs. Crop cultivated through seeds gives flowers very late while crop grown through bulbs gives flowers earlier. So for obtaining earlier production it is usually cultivated via bulbs. Medium size bulbs should be used. The distance between two rows should be 2-3ft and distance between bulbs must be 4 inches. It should be cultivated at a deep of 3-4 inches and must be treated with a proper fungicides to protect the crop from rotting. Irrigation should be done right after the cultivation. Light irrigation is preferred, as heavy irrigation leads to water standing and thus rotting of bulbs occurs. After the emergence of weeds, weeding and hoeing should be done. When the crop reaches a height of 8 inches, soil is applied to the base and it helps protect the crop during frost period.


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