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Gram cultivation should be started on good soil moisture.

Sowing is usually done on conserved soil moisture. A pre-sowing irrigation may be needed, if the available soil moisture is not adequate for germination. Drilling is best sowing method of chick peas. Depth of seed should not be more than 6 inches, otherwise germination will not occur. In rainfed areas if proper moisture is not available then seed should not be placed very deep. Seed is sown from mid-September to mid-November and best time of sowing is 15th of October. Seeding rates vary from 30 – 40 kg per acre depending on the area and seed type. Chickpea is a legume crop. It has nodulation capability and can fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil. Thus require less nitrogen as compared to other crops. To fulfil the requirement of phosphorus, one bag DAP per acre should be applied during sowing.


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