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Goat and sheep fattening

Goat and sheep fattening is a very profitable business for a livestock farmer. The main objective of goat fattening is to sell these animals at the festival of Eid-ul-aldha. If animals are offered a balanced feed, then noticeable weight can be obtained. Bucks and Rams should be purchased for fattening at the age of 6 to 12 months of age as this is the highly growing age of the animal and also they can convert their feed into meat more efficiently. Animals should not be too much fattened at the time of purchasing otherwise they will not achieve higher weight. The animal should be fed for 3 months approximately. Beetal breed for goat and Kajli breed for sheep should be selected for fattening as they achieve higher weight.

Written By: Dr. Sami Tahir Qureshi & Dr. Bilal Javed


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