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From December till February, protect fruit plants from frost damage

When trying to protect orchards from frost damage, gardeners should think in terms of frost management. From December till February, fruit trees are exposed to severe cold and frost, so gardeners should take immediate measures to protect plants from frost damage. Evergreen plants such as lychee, papaya, banana and lime are highly susceptible to cold and frost and can lead to significant reduction in yield and fruit quality. Therefore, these should be protected from the harmful effects.

To protect mango plants from frost damage, sticks should be placed around the stem and should be structured according to the plant height, then it should be covered with straw or polythene. Gardeners often cover the plants directly with straw, which is not good. During expected days of frost, light irrigation should be applied to the field as it can easily protect mango, guava and citrus fruit plants from the effects of frost.

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