Fig Cultivation

Insects And Pests Control

The insect pest and diseases have remarkable effect on yield. Fig mosaic and fig rust are the common diseases of fig. Apply the bordeaux mixture to control the problem. Root-knot nematode is also a big problem in fig cultivation. Different nematicides are being used to lesson this problem. Fig stem borer can be control by applying of phorate granules and fig fly can be control by spraying Demecron (0.05% spray). Mealy bugs and scale insects also control by using of different insecticide.

Fig Mosaic

Fig Rust

Fig Stem Borrer

Mealy Bug


Harvest the fig when fully ripe keeps fresh figs cold to slow deterioration. Use them immediately or store in a plastic bag in the coldest part. Figs can be frozen whole, sliced or peeled in a sealed container for ten to twelve months. Canned figs will be good for a year in your pantry. Dried figs can be stored in the original sealed package at room temperature for a month. For long storage, store them in to refrigerator, from six months to a year. Opened dry figs should be shifted to a sealable plastic bag and kept in the refrigerator.


There are about more than 470 varieties of edible fig. But commercially grown verities are Celeste, Brown Turkey, Brunswick, Marseilles, Adriatic, Genoa, Purple Genca and Black Ischia. These verities are grown in different areas of world. High density verities are Black Mission and Brown Turkey. Fig plant is liked throughout the world due to its health benefits.


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