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Fertile loamy soil is best for Turnip cultivation.

Although turnip can be grown on a wide range of soils, but deep, friable, highly fertile loamy soil is best for its cultivation. Turnips thrive well on moderate to slightly acidic sandy loam soil. Sandy loams are preferred for early-market roots and greens. Thorough preparation of soil is important for the development of roots. As the seed of turnip is very small, therefore fine seed-bed is required for its cultivation. In the plains of Pakistan, turnip is sown from end of July to end of November but, in mountainous areas, it can be sown from March to the mid of June. It is sown on both sides of ridges, with ridge-ridge and plant-plant spacing of 45-60 and 5-8 cm, respectively. Seed should not be sown deeper than 1.25 cm.


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