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Farmers are instructed to harvest sesame before the opening of pods.

Agricultural experts have instructed farmers to harvest sesame after falling of leaves. They said when 90-95 percent leaves are dried and fallen, and when 75 percent pods turn yellow, then the crop should be harvested. Sesame is ready for harvest when the stalk dries down where it will be cut. For best yields, sesame must be harvested as soon as the crop is ready. The harvesting takes place when the fruit at the base is ripe, the seeds from the fruit get the color specific to the variety, and the leaves at the base of the stem have fallen. Sesame is usually ready for harvesting between 90 to 130 days after planting. On small surfaces sesame is harvested with the sickle and then bounded into bundles, where it continues to dry without losing its quality. After drying, the bundles collapse to the ground. On larger surfaces it is harvested in two phases. First, it’s cut with a windrower and left in the swaths which, after drying, are collected with a combine harvester. The harvested seeds are laid in a thin layer and shaken from time to time until they reach 8-10 percent humidity. The seeds must be threshed without having further contact with the soil, to avoid any possible contamination that affects their quality.


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