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Farmers are instructed to complete sowing of canola till 31st October

The spokesman of Agriculture Department, Punjab said that the farmers should complete cultivation of canola till 31st October. Farmers should cultivate varieties like Khanpur Raya, Chakwal Raya and Chakwal Sarsoo. Moreover, they said loamy fertile soil with good drainage is most suitable for obtaining high yield. Farmers should cultivate oil seed crops in rows at a distance of 30-45cm. 2 kg seed having germination rate above 80 percent must be used for per acre land. In rain fed and areas having low moisture during sowing 2 and half kg seed should be used. They said for obtaining good production one bag DAP, half kg Urea and half kg potassium sulphate per acre should be given. In irrigated areas phosphorus and potassium based fertilizers are applied during sowing while nitrogen fertilizer is applied in two equal dozes. Half of the amount is given during sowing while remaining half doze is applied before flowering. The spokesperson also said that canola oil is low in saturated fat and is an excellent food choice for a healthy diet.


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