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Fancy Poultry

Fancy poultry production is usually done in rural and urban areas, but especially people keep them for the purpose of their keen interest in beautiful birds. Fancy poultry, pigeons, and parrots are also kept for the purpose of business. Mostly polish breeds of fancy poultry are kept in production, which is unique due to its special shape and beauty. A cap is present on its head, which is called Crust. There is no hair on the legs and paws of polish breed poultry birds.
Colors: 6
Average weight: 2.5 to 3 kg
Age at egg-laying: 8.5 to 9.5 week
Average egg production: 200-250 eggs/ Annum
Availability: Fancy birds are available almost in all big cities poultry market or breeder dealers.

Vaccination: The vaccination schedule is the same as Desi poultry.

Written and Research by (Dr. Sami Tahir Quershi, Dr. Bilal Javid)








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