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Even Deputy Commissioner failed to streamline fruits and vegetables supply to Sunday Bazars

After DCO even Deputy Commissioner failed to manage Sunday Bazars. Various vegetables including peas, capsicum, chillies and radish are unfilled at Sunday Bazars but available outside with hawkers. Although large verity of fruits was available in Sunday bazars but their prices were way higher than the recommended price list. Bazar’s administration at various places were absent and chairman/vice chairman union council are reluctant to jump into this mess. Vegetables been sold at high prices while fruits observed mixed price patterns.

In vegetable Garlic (China) being sold at Rs. 300 higher by Rs. 9, Bringal at Rs. 20 high with Rs.2, Mongray at Rs.45 higher with Rs.5, Bittergourd at Rs.65 higher with Rs.5, Pumpkin at Rs.30 higher with Rs.8, Okra at 95 higher with Rs.5, Carrot at Rs.18 higher with Rs.8, Saag at Rs.22 higher with Rs.2 while Onion at Rs.25 lower with Rs.1 and Tomatoes at Rs.32, Maithi at Rs.18 lower with Rs.4, Maro Kaddo at Rs.25 lower with Rs.3, Ghia Kaddu at Rs.35 lower with Rs.5. Capsicum was totally absent from Bazars. Recommended price for capsicum was Rs.55 but outside the Bazar it was selling at Rs.150 per kg. Same case was with Peas and Radish which were absent from Sunday bazars but being sold at Rs. 70 and Rs.15 respectively. Fruits were also mismanaged at large scale, Kala Kohlu Apple being sold at Rs.80 higher with Rs.2, Apple (amri) at Rs.65 higher with Rs.7, Apple (Irani) at Rs.120 higher with Rs.3, Apple (white) at Rs.55 higher with Rs.5, Bananas at Rs.70 higher with Rs.20, Orange at Rs.55 higher with Rs.5, Kinnow at Rs.100, Pear at Rs. 125 higher with Rs.5, Sweet Potato at Rs.35 higher with Rs.5, Coconut at Rs.85 higher with Rs.5 per piece, Grapes at Rs.150 higher with Rs.20 per Kg, while Apple Kala Kohlu Rs.120, Musammai Rs.100 per dozens, Orange (kala) Rs.110 per dozen, Orange shikri Rs.90 per dozen and Guava Rs.60. People protested with their harsh comments and appealed Chief Minister to take relevant action as soon as possible for ultimate relief.


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