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Eradicate weeds from maize crop

A weed is any plant growing in a wrong place, usually considered undesirable.Uncontrolled weeds compete with the crop of interest for nutrients, moisture and space, and may completely suppress the crop if uncontrolled. They also harbour pests and diseases.Young maize seedlings can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.Weeds take full advantage of the wide rows and upright growth of maize, colonizing the bare soil beneath.It eliminates competition for light, nutrients and moisture, giving the crop the opportunity to establish well.It protects the palatability and nutritional potential of the crop.It substantially curtails opportunities for pests’ establishment in the crop.Early weed control is very crucial in maximizing maize yields.There are several ways which can be employed to control weeds in a maize plantation.These include;Herbicides can be selective or nonselective, post or pre-emergence, contact or systemic, etc.This involves the removal of weeds using tools and implements like jembes, hoes, among others.Planting fast growing varieties of maizePull out weeds before seed setting.Use clean maize seed that is free from weed seeds.


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