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Earlier and higher production can be achieved from summer vegetables through tunnel farming

Tunnel farming is a profitable business and this technique is more productive than traditional methods. Agriculture Experts said that tunnel farming is best for off season vegetable production and higher production can be achieved via this method. The summer vegetables such as cucumber, capsicum, chillies, tomato, pumpkin, squash, brinjal, melon, watermelon and bottle gourd can be successfully grown in high tunnels, walk in tunnels and low tunnels. In Punjab due to due to low temperature and high frost levels during December and January, it is not possible to cultivate summer vegetables earlier. To obtain earlier and higher production from summer vegetables, tunnel farming is considered best.

Vegetables cultivated in these tunnels are covered with a plastic sheet during frost period and thus the temperature inside the tunnel remains suitable for the vegetables. In this way, the summer vegetables raised during winters are thus protected from frost and higher production can be obtained earlier. Moreover, they said that the educated youth must avail trainings for understanding the technology. Tunnel familiar farmers have been instructed to direct sow cucumber, bottle gourd, pumpkin, bitter gourd, melon and water melon till first week of December. They said that the most important step for tunnel farming in the plastic tunnel depends on selection of healthy seeds and healthy raising of seedlings. For successful cultivation of vegetables, fertile soil with good drainage must be ensured.


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