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E- Agriculture and role of Jazz BaKhabar Kissan

Farming has become more efficient with technologies and communication systems. In E agriculture Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is offering free services to the farmers and has successfully reached more than 1.5 million farmers base. It is a supreme opportunity to give rural smallholders access to information that can change their livelihoods. It helps farmers to improve agricultural productivity by giving them access to basic agricultural technologies, in turn helping them to secure better prices for their crops and consequently a better return on investments.

Jazz Bakhabar Kissan has introduced mobile application to provide farmers with a platform for sharing best agriculture practices. The mobile application enables the farmers to avail information regarding the production technologies of different crops from soil preparation till harvesting. It also enables the farmers to know the prices of agricultural commodities in various markets across the country, helping them to fix the price for their commodities and in addition to that a lot of material is available about livestock. Application provides management techniques with regards to maximum crops, fruits and vegetables and it is dedicated to help farmers in maximizing their yields.

Scope of Bakhabar Kissan is not limited to Application, it also offer services to farmers and the key stakeholders through SMS (Short Message Service), VMS (Voice Message Service), IVR (Interactive Voice Response) & a dedicated Website to help farmers increase their production. Important information regarding best agricultural practices are sent via SMS & VMS to every subscribed farmer to equip them with the most effective ideas already practiced by other farmers who successfully implemented to have a better yield as well as to enhance farmers awareness of the new technologies, diseases prevention and hazards alerts . Farmers are also notified by providing them instant updates on weather and market rates.

The farmers are also able to interact with and avail guidance from the agriculture experts across the country through BKK Call Centre. One of the benefits of establishing this connection and information flow is that it helps farmers to adopt better crop management practices and plan efficiently for the planting and harvesting season.

In pursuit of excellence,Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is still striving to make the platform more intelligent and induce technology into most of the agricultural practices across Pakistan, bring convenience to farmers, help them in all grounds by solving every problem that they face, removing every challenge on their way to achieve maximum yield of production.

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